Ways to Give

No matter how you choose to give, know that your donation makes a difference not only at the hospital, but to the entire community. There are many ways to contribute to the Notre-Dame Hospital Foundation. We’ve provided a list of ways you can give.


General donations go towards the purchase of advanced equipment needed for our Hospital in Hearst. Such donations can be unique gifts given, monthly, yearly or according to your preference.

In Memory

A donation to the Hearst Notre-Dame Hospital Foundation is a great way for expressing your sympathy by making a donation in memory of a family member or friend. Every dollar you donate to Hearst Notre-Dame Hospital Foundation remains in the community and improves the quality of care at the hospital by providing the most modern facilities and advanced equipment.


This is a simple way to plan your donation. Bequests allow you to donate a monetary value to the Hearst Notre-Dame Hospital Foundation based on your wishes and to make modifications along the way depending on any changes to your personal, family or financial situation. Willed donations are one of the simplest and most accessible ways of planned giving. You can choose from among various options:

  • Donate a determined sum of money;
  • Donate all or a percentage of the residual funds after an estate has been settled;
  • Name the Foundation as the contingent beneficiary in the event of the death of the primary beneficiary;
  • Name the Foundation as the beneficiary of a retirement savings plan or life insurance policy;
  • Include a clause granting all of your assets to the Foundation in the event of the simultaneous death of all of the beneficiaries of the estate.

Life Insurance

Regardless of the provisions you make, life insurance is an excellent tool to make a specified donation while preserving your estate for your heirs. There are many options for donating a life insurance policy. Once you have determined your objectives and your personal specifications, you can:

  • Transfer an existing life insurance policy;
  • Purchase a new life insurance policy;
  • Designate the Fondation de l’Hôpital Notre-Dame Foundation as the holder and/or beneficiary of the life insurance capital at the time of death.


While planned giving is a generous act motivated by the intention to do good, it allows the hospital to purchase high-quality specialized care as a legacy to future generations. Donors can take advantage of considerable fiscal and financial advantages as a result of their decision to donate to our cause:

  • Reduced tax burden for the donor and the estate;
  • Unhindered access to liquid assets;
  • Tax credits;
  • Tax exemption on certain investment income;
  • Reduced tax rate on capital gains.

Your financial advisor, who knows your situation well, will explain the option that best suits your situation by providing the most benefits. Give your financial advisor a call! Or feel free to contact us.