Our Babies Birth Wall

The Notre-Dame Hospital Foundation officially launched its Our Babies fundraising campaign during the 2013 SpringFest. The evening was held in honour of Dr. Ted Polnicky in May 2012 in Casselman, where the Foundation announced that a new birthing room would be built in our hospital and that it would be known as the Ted-Polnicky Maternity Centre.

Our Babies fundraising campaign

The goal of the Our Babies campaign is to raise the funds required to carry out this construction project. The campaign provides an opportunity for anyone born at the Hearst Notre-Dame Hospital to display their name on the birth wall, which is located in the corridor leading to the laboratory.

Supporting the Wall

Over 5,000 babies were born in our hospital since its opening in May 1972 and the number keeps growing. If you were born in 1972 or later, you are part of this select group whose name could appear on the birth wall, or, if you are the parent, grandparent, godmother, godparent, aunt or uncle of a child born in our hospital since 1972, you can have their name appear on the wall at a cost of $30. A certificate of attestation will be issued to you.

If you wish to support this initiative by placing a name on the wall, please contact the Hospital Foundation during business hours at 705-372-0072.